Dr. Aljitawi: For cancer screening, the first step is to grow the cancer cells in their natural environment, mimicking as close as you can the environment where they live in the human body. Our Matrix provides this type of environment.

After you culture the cells in the Matrix, you treat them with chemotherapy using different types of drugs, different classes and agents. You will get a readout for the effect of the chemotherapy on the cells. And our system potentially can provide different readouts.

One is you can collect these supernatant, which is the fluid part around the cells and you can use that to read what’s happening in terms of the metabolism of these cells and on some products of cell death potentially. Or you could take the Matrix with the cells and look at that under the microscope, to see any effects on cancer cells.

Or you could potentially isolate the cells by digesting the Matrix and looking at the cells by different ways. You can do flow cytometry, which looks at the markers on the surface of the cells, or you could use different imaging systems to detect cell death.

You can adapt the Matrix to enable different ways of looking at the effect of cancer treatment on cancer cells.

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